30 ha site area

370.000 sqm to be built

2.000 apartments

148.000 sqm office & retail

37.000 sqm socio-cultural

9 ha park

3.500 car parks

Tour & Taxis

 It is Extensa’s vision to develop the Tour & Taxis site into an inclusive living environment.

Tour & Taxis will offer a unique and balanced combination of diverse housing accommodations, next-generation workspace, state- of-the-art conference and seminar venues, complementary retail, leisure facilities, , and publicly accessible open space.

The site is to become an inspiring destination for creative and innovative individuals and businesses. In the redevelopment process, Extensa gives a modern interpretation to the historic buildings on the Tour & Taxis site, with great respect for their authenticity and architectural heritage value.

An exciting urban regeneration

Tour & Taxis witnesses Belgium’s prominent position within the world economy at the start of the last century.

This cultural heritage which has been preserved and will be regenerated is of an exceptional architectural quality and reflects the standard of technical engineering at the time of its construction.

A place to live

New apartments coming soon

The tour & Taxis park

a new green space on a regional scale

Extensa is currently developing a large regional park. It is part of an overall development project of the Canal Zone and fits into the evolution of the district.

In time, a real network of parks will connect Boulevard Belgica to Place Bockstael, as far as the canal and Place Sainctelette via the whole Tour & Taxis site.

It will be the largest city park laid out in the centre of Brussels since the time of Leopold II.

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