Bomonti Palas

15 storey, meticulously planned 98 flats and a changing-everyday “random” and dynamic architectural facade design…

Bomonti Modern Palace puts forward a design and life style which are consonant with Bomonti’s fast changing appearance and at the same time in peace with neighbourhood’s colour and texture.

The colour scale, which begins with brown’s dark shades on the groundfloor and continues with bright shades through the roof, gives the structure a calm and elegant identity. Through the special moving shutter system, Bomonti Modern Palace is going to begin everyday with a new appearance. Randomness in the exterior gives the structures a fascinating dynamism.

2.000 m2 site area

14.700 m2 built surface

8.700 m2 residential

98 apartments

Realization in 2012

Designed by SHCA

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