30 ha site area

370.000 sqm to be built

2.000 apartments

148.000 sqm office & retail

37.000 sqm socio-cultural

9 ha park

3.500 car parks

Herman Teirlinck

The Herman Teirlinck building, designed by Neutelings Riedijk Architects, has been officially opened.

It is the new main building for the Flemish Government in Brussels and will house over 2.600 civil servants. The Herman Teirlinck building measures 65.000 sqm and is the largest passive office building in Belgium.​

The meandering shape of the Herman Teirlinck building creates a varied building volume that blends in seamlessly with the existing blocks along the Havenlaan and the historical industrial buildings on the Tour & Taxis site. The design deliberately chooses a sustainable low-rise building of six layers with a tower of 60 meters high in the second line that creates a new recognizable element in the Brussels’ skyline.

New apartments coming soon

In analogy with the Royal Depot, the building has a covered internal street which serves as the main access to the building. All public functions are conveniently located along this street. On the higher levels, the office floors are situated around two large glazed inner gardens that create a compact and airy building with plenty of natural light.​

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